Samples of our Products

  • Numeric control panel
    Numeric control panel

    12,2mm Snap discs on pcb circuit board overlay roof embossed, printed in screen print technology

  • Hospital control panel
    Hospital control panel

    With integrated touch screen. Overlay is bonded on the touch with a liquid high transparent glue

  • Roboter control panel
    Roboter control panel

    8,0mm metal domes mounted on conductive silver circuit overlay printed in digital print technology

  • Smart touch panel
    Smart touch panel

    10mm metal domes mounted on conductive silver circuit In by contacting technology

  • Machine control panel
    Machine control panel

    Metal domes on PCB mounted,assembled on housing, display glas and dust sealing integrated

  • Numerical control panel
    Numerical control panel

    With short travel switches, display glas integrated, dust sealing on backside, gray dot print design on left and right side

  • Hotel application panel
    Hotel application panel

    Switches embossed, RGO led´s in red orange green, base plate is stainless steel 2mm, display window clear transparent

  • Membrane switch
    Membrane switch

    With frame embossed keys, overlay printed in new digital printing technologie

  • Medical membrane keypad
    Medical membrane keypad

    Switches roof embossed with metal domes 12,2mm, 21 pcs. bicolor led´s integrated, electrical shilding over the switches

  • Machine control panel
    Machine control panel

    For plastic molding machine, carrier plate stainless steel 2mm lasercutted, display glas or touch 17" with dust protection sealing

  • Remote control for Robos
    Remote control for Robos

    Switch is assembled on curved housing,overlay bulge embossed for switch separating

  • Small washing control keyboard
    Small washing control keyboard

    3 switches in PUDom Tecnik 2 mm high 2 swiches frame embossed

  • Medical care instrument
    Medical care instrument

    Circuit in FBC (flexible printed circuit) 54 K resistor integrated, overlay dome embossed for snap feeling

  • Capacity switch
    Capacity switch

    for air condition, pedot circuit, overlay pet 125my with clear window, carrier 2mm plexi

  • Control panel
    Control panel

    Switches in PU dom technologie dispalyglas integrated, UV resistant

  • Capacity touch screen
    Capacity touch screen

    with controller on cable bonded on 4mm Glas

  • Digital print
    Digital print

    with screen print back layer

  • Control panel

    pcb-switches and short travel switches assembled on housing