New High Tech Products

  • Keypads with dome-shaped high-gloss plastic mass
  • Digital print
  • Touch screen and overlay laminate with UV glue or OCA
  • Petdot and capacity switch
  • PCB with softkeys
  • Complete front panel
  • Capacity touch screen
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Our production techniques ensure consistent, precise results—no matter the volume


We are convinced that the key to our success lies in the quality and the diversity of our services.
In order to make sure you get the very best, we stress three things: choice of materials, high-tech and modern equipment, and stringent control of all processes.

Quality assurance

On-time delivery to be the leading supplier to meet customer demand timely.
Technical support to customer starting from R&D period. Long time quality warranty with intensive after-sale service.
Comfortable working condition and systematic training

Environment & Health

We produces under deliberate environmental protection management system. All Gnad products match international standards as RoHS and REACH. Only environment friendly packing materials are used by Gnad. An environment oriented design and production way is executed